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See how our facility designs are transforming San Francisco's commercial compost industry.

The Earth Flow system has made its way to Hawaii! This 20' Intermodal system utilizes a repurposed shipping container and is adapted to be entirely solar run. Learn More

Our Mission

We aim to help organizations around the world realize the economic and environmental gains that can be achieved by a well-designed composting system.


Years Composting


Tons of Organics Diverted
Per Year

1.1+ Million

Tons of CO2 Diverted
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Homes GHG Equivalent

Aerated Composting Systems



Above and below grade air piping allows aerates the compost, reducing turning. The automated system controls temperature and bio-filtration removes odors.
Capacity: 5-2,500 tons/day
Cost: $20k+

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The fastest way to make compost on a large scale. This design allows for the most efficient handling, smallest footprint, and the highest throughput possible.
Capacity: 150-2,000 tons/day
Cost: $500k+

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Containerized Compost System


Composting takes place in controlled batches with airtight vessels (CompTainers) that can be moved and emptied by roll-off trucks. Modular system allowing for growth and complete control.
Capacity: 1 - 100 tons/day
Cost: $40k - $1 million

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earth flow


The Earth Flow™ is an automated in-vessel composting system with integrated mixing and aeration. The full automated Earth Flow reduces labor costs and creates gorgeous compost.
Capacity: 300 lbs – 10 tons/day
Cost: $45k – $145k

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earth cube


The neighborhood-scale composting system for food waste. Easy and affordable. Complete enclosure prevents animals and bugs from accessing the compost. Roof-mounted biofilter eliminates smells.
Capacity: Up to 50lbs per day
Cost: $3k - $5k

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Compost consulting services

We design state-of-the-art composting facilities and have done so for more than twenty-five years.  GMT has more than 30 municipal and commercial compost facilities ranging from 3,000 to 200,000 tons per year that have been efficiently composting curbside collected yard debris, food waste, biosolids and agricultural wastes. Our design staff has over 100 years combined industry experience in the composting industry.  Our design services will help you design effective processes for odor and leachate capture and treatment. We also redesign existing facilities to increase capacity or mitigate environmental impacts. We aim to design facilities that are still operating and successful twenty-five years from now.

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