ADI Prince Edward Island Case Study


Facility Overview


Front View of  CCS containers

Side View of CCS Containers

design features

In-Vessel System

Green / Food Waste

Cold Climate

environmental impact

50,000 Tons/Year diverted organics

31,000 Tons/Year Diverted CO2

Client’s Requirements:
In response to Prince Edward Island’s extremely stringent odor and groundwater regulations, ADI chose to handle their curbside Source Separated Organics within a reputable in-vessel composting solution. They reached out to several firms searching for a proven track record, flexible design process, and state of the art control system.

Our Solution:
GMT designed 52 custom stainless steel Containerized Compost Systems, each equipped with automated temperature tracking, reversing aeration, and localized leachate/aeration control. The system is one of the largest in-vessel composting systems in the world, and has not required any significant replacements or maintenance since opening in 2007.

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