dirt hugger case study

Facility Design Overview

Client's Requirements

Dirt hugger was looking to upgrade their existing pipe on grade operation to a below grade aeration system capable of handling a diversity of feedstocks, on a small footprint, and “bootstrap budget.”
  • Low cost
  • Flexible design
  • Below grade
  • Automated temperature control

Our Solution

GMT believed in Dirt Hugger’s mission and agreed to partner with their staff engineers. GMT provided the design expertise and controls equipment while Dirt Huggers performed the CAD work, construction management, and general contracting. The result was a Turned Aerated Pile (TAP) mass bed pad handling 60,000 tons of Source Separated Organics and countless gallons of liquid waste at an extremely affordable price.

Design Features

TAP System

Green / Food Waste

Temperate Climate

Environmental Impact

60,000 Tons/Year Diverted Organics

39,000 Tons/Year Diverted CO2

System Features


Reversing Sparger Aeration System


Aerated Pile


Below Grade


Compost Control


Temperature Probes

“Green Mountain Technologies offers simple, cost effective solutions that are practical to implement. They’re really there to work with you and make a solution that fits with your site and your process and your feedstocks. They bring a ton of experience to the table, and that balance of cost versus technology…really finding the sweet spot that worked for us and our site.”

- Pierce Lewis, Co-Founder of Dirthugger TAP Composting Facility, Dallesport WA

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