City Of Phoenix TAP (Turned Aerated Pile) Compost System – Spring 2017

GMT was hired to design a 200,000 ton per year food and yard waste composting system for the City of Phoenix. The project will be built in two phases at a site adjacent to the City recycling facility. The design is based on GMT’s TAP (Turned Aerated Pile) technology. Phoenix presented some particular challenges due to the hot dry climate. The active composting area will be covered by a shaded structure with integrated solar panels. All waste water is captured and treated for reuse on the compost piles. The active composting area is turned every 3-4 days and rewetted to maintain optimal conditions. The aeration system is reversing to conserve water and reduce odors through the use of biofiltration. The project will be operational in the spring of 2017. Watch our flyover video below.

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