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Tractor-Pulled Compost Turners from Compost Systems

We offer a variety of tractor-pulled windrow turners from Compost Systems of Austria for all types of composting facilities and farms. Compost Systems has been a global leader in this equipment category since the 1980s.


CMC ST 200

  • Affordable entry-level compost turner for tractors below 30 HP.
  • Based on 30 years of fine tuning this technology, the CMC ST 200 is now available as a Plug and Play option or delivered as a kit. 
  • Detailed instructions are included on how to mount the turner to your machine.
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CMC ST 230

  • High performance with compact design. 
  • Perfect mixing and aeration results with tractors of a minimum 30 HP.
  • Tunnel opening of 2.3M, turns compost windrows up to a width of 2.6M. 
  • Built on a trailer, the CMC ST 230 offers all the advantages of its bigger brother such as the side-pull stabilization, quick coupling and decoupling, and it is easily transportable.
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CMC ST 300

  • The leading turner in the composting industry for 20 years. 
  • Capacity 1,000 cubic meters per hour.  
  • Tractor with 70+ HP is required.
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CMC ST 350

  • Largest of the CMC tractor-pulled turners, rotor width of 3.5M.
  • Capacity 1,300 cubic meters per hour.
  • For tractors above 100 HP with or without a super creeper gear.
  • Rotor can be lifted from the heap at any time similar to the smaller CMC-models.
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*Please note: For information on current lead times, pricing, and turner recommendations please fill out our Technology and Service Inquiry Form specifically indicating the turner you are interested in.

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