TracTurn Side Discharge Turner

A Go-To Turner

The TracTurn is the result of over 20 years of development offering a high performance tool for high efficiency composting facilities. The TracTurn combines loosening, aerating, mixing and side stacking of material in one step. Side-discharge means there is no need for a travel lane between windrows, which more than doubles the volume of material that can be processed per acre compared to other tractor-drawn turners.


Ideal for mass-bed turned aerated pile systems


Enables unparalleled space efficiency and throughput


More economical than self propelled straddle turners

How It Works

The TracTurn tractor-drawn turner can turn over 2500 cubic yards per hour and offers all the benefits of a self propelled straddle turner, with better economics. It offers a robust and reliable design, with the flexibility to work with any windrow shape. The TracTurn also enables Turned Aerated Pile systems with mass-bed ASPs, for optimum processing speed and space efficiency.

Why the TracTurn 3.7

  • Eliminates the need for a travel lane between windrows, without the cost and maintenance of a self-propelled straddle-turner
  • Durable and easy to maintain.
  • 3.7M wide, 2.2M high, with flexibility to work with any pile shape including mass-beds
  • Fast setup-time from transport to working mode (only 10 minutes)
  • Requires a tractor with a minimum of 230 HP and a reverse creeper gear.
  • Because this is a tractor-drawn turner, the long term economics are very strong: tractors hold their value much better than self propelled straddle turners. Your tractor can be used for many other tasks on site when the turner is not being used. 
  • The TracTurn is very easy to transport. In just a few minutes the TracTurn can be loaded onto a hook lift or drop deck trailer, making it possible to serve several composting sites at once.

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