Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT)

Industrial Composting Integrated with Municipal Solid Waste

MBT or “Mechanical Biological Treatment,” is a process of recycling municipal solid waste (MSW). MSW entering a MBT facility may be composed of a variety of valuable resources such as metals, organics, RDF and recyclable plastics. Each of these can be separated from the waste stream using screening technology and be recycled either on or off site.


How It Works

The Earth Flow Site Built System automatically shreds, mixes, and aerates compostable materials and contains odors. This system can operate as a complete processing system, producing ready-to-cure compost in 14 days, with annual capacities up to 1,800 tons per year. Or, for facilities processing 2,000 - 3,000 tons per year, it can be combined with a secondary ASP system. In the hybrid system, the Earth Flow serves as the receiving and mixing bay for in-bound food waste, manure, or other feedstocks, with automatic mixing and aeration to reduce odors, kick-start the microbial process, and meet PFRP standards. Material is processed in the Earth Flow for 3-7 days before it is unloaded out the back and moved into a secondary ASP or windrow process for 3 weeks, with total process time under 30 days.

Why MBT?

As landfills fill up and become increasingly difficult to permit throughout North America many waste management professionals are turning to MBT. The technology is mature, having become one of the primary ways of treating MSW in Europe.

Collaboration for Impact

Through our partnership with Compost Systems, Green Mountain Technologies is bringing advanced MBT technology to the United States. With over 30 successful MBT facilities around the globe, our process is proven to help municipalities save money while keeping waste out of the landfill.

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