Cooke City Schools Case Study


Earth Cube Systems Setup


Composting area and nearby grow dome greenhouse


Cooke City School's winter weather and playground


Cook City's greenhouse where the finished compost is utilized 


Veggies grown using Earth Cube compost


Cooke City Schools classroom and germination setup


Students exploring by their veggie garden

design features

In-Vessel System

Green / Food Waste

Cold Climate

environmental impact

18 Tons Per Year diverted organics

11 Tons Per Year Sequestered CO2

Client’s Requirements:
Close to the northeast entrance of Yellowstone National Park sits a small mountain town known as Cooke City. Cooke City School sought ways to kickstart their composting journey among their extremely high altitude, heavy snowfall, and subarctic climate. With temperatures remaining below freezing 5 months out of the year, Cooke needed a system that could withstand the cold and snow. Being fully enclosed to deter surrounding wildlife was also a must. Additionally, having a vessel that is accessible to students and demonstrates the composting process would also be beneficial in the schools outdoor educational curriculum. 
  • Withstand extended freezing conditions and heavy snowfall 
  • Fully enclosed and odor control to deter wildlife
  • Accessible and visible to students

Client Feedback:
 “The soil is delicious! I mean just look at it! And the planter beds are so deep. We're spoiled to get to start our garden with such amazing soil. However, I have worked really hard for that compost. It's well worth it though. The soil gives me as much pleasure as the vegetables growing in it.”


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