Farewell Earth Tub

Earth Tub

Saying Goodbye to the Earth Tub

After over 20 years of bringing composting to local communities around the globe, we are sad to announce the discontinuation of the Earth Tub. The manufacturer who created the molded tub and lid was unable to continue production. Sadly, we were unsuccessful in finding alternative manufacturers.

So it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our beloved Earth Tub.  We know that our pre-existing tubs will continue to bring high-quality compost product to many communities.  As of summer 2018, we are no longer taking orders for new Earth Tubs. However, we will continue to provide customer support for our existing Earth Tub customers.

Moving Forward – Other In-Vessel Systems 

While we’re sad to see the Earth Tub go, Green Mountain Technologies still offers a number of in-vessel composting systems.

The Earth Flow is ideal for any organization seeking to compost 500 lbs to 10 tons of material per day. This automated in-vessel system is the perfect investment for larger organizations seeking to improve their environmental impact and reduce disposal costs. The Earth Flow comes in three primary vessel designs: custom vessel, intermodal, and site-built.

For those composting on a smaller scale, there is the Earth Cube. This simple and low-cost system is great for composting food waste while preventing odors. Earth Cubes are most popular with community gardens and grade schools. It’s an amazing educational tool that has helped foster a love and understanding of sustainable living in communities.

While the Earth Tub will always hold a near and dear place in our hearts, Green Mountain Technologies is excited to move forward. We are continuing to help organizations and communities reduce their environmental footprint, save money, and produce high-quality compost through our one-of-a-kind systems.

If you’re interested in any of our in-vessel composting systems, send us a message today, or give us a call at 802-368-7291. We’ll be more than happy to work with you to find your perfect composting solution.

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