GMT’s Jeff Gage Speaks On ASP And Windrow Compost Production In Egypt

GMT will be at the BioCycle West Coast Conference April 8-11 in San Diego and Jeff Gage will speak on Wednesday, April 10th at 8:30 AM on ASP And Windrow Compost Production In Egypt.

Egypt has developed markets for composting that support the purchasing of manure feedstocks with the proceeds from sales of the finished compost. The main driver for such an ideal business model is that the cost of composting these feedstocks is very low, and the marketing is done to bio-dynamic organic farms, which only use manure composts for their fertilization requirements. The main consequence is the loss of a significant amount of nitrogen. Jeff Gage worked with the United States Agency for International Development to investigate and provide models for using Aerated Static Piles and improved windrow process management to increase the finished products % Nitrogen and capture volatilized Nitrogen.

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