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Aerated Static Pile System

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100 Tons Per Year diverted organics

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Client’s Requirements:
Grimm’s Fuel has been composting green waste from the Portland metropolitan area for over 30 years. The facility was using a static pile method, but as volumes grew and neighbors encroached upon the site, odor complaints became a serious operational issue. GMT was hired by Portland Metro in 2018 to perform an odor study and make recommendations on how to upgrade the facility to reduce odor emissions. After proposing the changes to the city, GMT was hired by Grimm’s Fuel to further assist with these modifications.

Our Solution:
GMT designed a 16-zone, WebMACS controlled, Covered Aerated Static Pile (cASP) composting system equipped with reverse aeration and biofiltration to optimize odor control. Since completing the system in 2020, Grimm’s has increased throughput to 100,000 tons per year, noticing significant improvement in product quality. Odor complaints have fallen by 99% and the facility is operating happily within Portland Metro’s heightened regulatory stance.


Reversing Sparger Aeration

Custom ASP System


WebMACS Controls

Wireless Temperature probes

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