intermodal earth flow


One of the big costs for In-Vessel composting is the vessel itself. By replacing our standard vessel with a shipping container we can substantially reduce the cost of a system. The floor and walls of a standard shipping container are insulated and lined with stainless steel to provide a long service life and reduce corrosion. The vessel includes the same automated auger mixing system with positive aeration and ventilation system for odor control.

The other key advantage is transportation.  Intermodal shipping containers are much cheaper to transport, especially when shipping overseas.  We offer 20 and 40 ft lengths using the high cube style container. We are excited to bring this product to the international marketplace.

intermodal installations

Food Bank Composting! Featuring the Intermodal Earth Flow at The Foodbank in Dayton, OH

20' Intermodal Earth Flow at Full Circle Farms, HI. Composting community green waste and food waste

Intermodal Earth Flow at Archway Equestrian Sports in Woodinville, WA

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