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We want to draw attention to a particular statement from the article that could easily be missed:

“Both operations pre-compost their manure before they fork it over to the worms. That means piling it up and allowing it to get naturally hot enough to kill unwanted seeds and pathogens like E. coli.”

One subtle point that can be lost in this article is this: worms don’t do thermophillic composting. It’s too hot for them. For that first, hot, messy stage of composting, it is important to have a system designed for hot composting. That’s where we come in!

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Another subtle point is that there is a lot to this process of simply “piling it up and allowing it to get naturally hot enough.”

In order to quickly and efficiently hot compost large quantities of biodegradables and kill pathogens without odors or pests, an intelligent thermophillic composting system is needed.

Our systems offer that first stage of composting that is the perfect compliment to a vermiculture operation. [NY Times]

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