Enviro-Smart Compost Facility in Delta, B.C. – Turned Aerated Pile (TAP) System

EnviroSmart composts 100,000 tons per year of food and yard waste from the Metro Vancouver area. GMT provided the design and aeration equipment for a new 200’ x 200’ turned aeration building to expand their capacity to 150,000 tons per year. The system uses two 100 hp high pressure blowers with biofilters for odor control. All aeration piping is installed beneath the concrete pad and delivered into the composting mass through high pressure nozzles. The CompDACS control system monitors and records temperatures and automatically reverses air flow to maintain even temperature and moisture gradients.

Compost turning is accomplished with a Vermeer side discharge turner which moves material across the aeration floor as it mixes and rewets the compost. The new building has reduced the processing time by 50% and substantially reduced their odors.

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