University of Maine Harvests Its First Batch Of Compost

University of Maine Composting Earth Flow (Credit)

University of Maine Composting Earth Flow (credit)

It was 10 degrees F this morning in Orono, Maine but the temperature in the compost measured 148 degrees F. The University of Maine recently installed a new In-Vessel Earth Flow EF-40 in-vessel composting system. The Earth Flow provides optimal conditions for hot composting and allows year round composting even in severe weather conditions.

Operations personnel at UMaine just removed their first batch of compost from the Earth Flow, 23 days after system launch. “We are very proud and very pleased with the results”, said Geremy Chubbuck, Associate Director of Facilities Management. There was no smell in the product, no observable food waste and a good moisture content. The discharged material was still at 120 degrees F. We congratulate the team at UMaine with an excellent job producing their first batch of compost!

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